Award Winners


The goal of breeding pedigree cats is to conserve the breed for future generations to enjoy.  The standards for each association describe the ideal cat we aim for and cat shows are a venue where we can measure the success of our breeding programs against the results of other Russian Blue breeding programs--and also against those of other breeds.  Together, Talisker (TICA) and Kyina (CFA) have consistently achieved recognition for their efforts for over 35 years.  We're  extremely proud of our award winners and hope you enjoy their profiles. 

Pictured below is SGC IW Talisker Laurent with TICA judge Barbara Ray and one of his many Best Cat wins--Laurent now lives in Tokyo, Japan.


IW QGC Talisker A Touch O Frost      
RW Friday's Blue Blazes of Talisker
RW SGA Talisker Blue Gene
RW Talisker Crossfire
RW SGC, SGA Talisker Desperado
LA IWx2 SGA Talisker Dr Who       
RW SGC Talisker Emeril
RW SGATalisker Firefighter
IW SGC Talisker Laurent

RW SGA Talisker Mercury
RW SGA Talisker Rave On
RW Talisker Renegade
RW SGA Talisker Sapphire On Ice
RW QGA Talisker Shadowfax
RW SGC, SGA Talisker Silverstone
IW, SGC Talisker The Doctor
CH, RW Kyina's Angel Dust of Tsar Blu, DM
GC, GP RW Kyina Ivan
GC BW NW Kyina Patience of Oakway (Persian)
GP Kyina Silver Arrow
GC Kyina Victory (Burmese)


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