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College of Cat Genetics: Part II
by Patricia Turner


The following problems are based on information contained in Study Unit #1 published in the March-April issue of Cat World. Solutions are listed below.

  1. In the cat there are thirtysix autosomes in addition to the two X chromosomes in the female and one X and one Y in the male.  What are the chromosome constitutions of the two types of gamete produced by the male?

  3. Why do genetic differences between cells arise from meiosis and not from mitosis?

  5. Recessive Oregon Rex, recessive Cornish Rex and recessive Devon Rex are non-allelic to each other.  Will a mating between an Oregon Rex queen and either a Cornish OR Devon Rex stud produce any rex kittens?  If the litter includes any non-rex kittens, will they be carriers for the rex varieties of both parents or only of one?

  7. In a litter from a Seal Tabby (or Seal Lynx) Point Siamese there are three Seal Point kittens and one Seal Tabby (or Lynx) Point kitten.  Is the Tabby (Lynx) point homozygous or heterozygous for agouti and will the Seal Point kittens later produce Tabby (Lynx) Point progeny if mated to Seal Points?