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College of Cat Genetics: Part V
by Patricia Turner


      1. At the Albino locus only three genes have yet been established in cats. These genes are Full colour (symbolized as C), Burmese (symbolized as cb) and Siamese (symbolized as cs). Burmese is partially dominant to Siamese. What is the genotype of the heterozygote for Burmese and Siamese and how can its appearance be described?



        Answer: The genotype of the Burmese/Siamese heterozygote is cbcs and the cat shows the characteristics of both breeds.

      3. Why would the kittens resulting from matings between Burmese and Siamese be of indeterminate type?



        Answer: The kittens would be of indeterminate type because characteristics of type are produced by the combined action of many, many genes with small individual effect and the result of a mating between two cats of different type would be to endow kittens with a number of genes for each extreme.