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College of Cat Genetics: Student Seminar 3
by Patricia Turner

Address Correction
Before I close this seminar, I would like to correct a mistake in a previous Study Unit.  The letters CGIC in my address stand for Cat Genetics INVESTIGATION Centre (not Information Centre).  In fact, the centre is a small cattery housing a number of unusual cats which are members of breeding projects designed to solve some contemporary problems in genetics.  They live primarily as pets side-by-side with the cats I breed within the cat fancy.  Although I am always interested to hear of breeders' problems, I do not have the time to set up an Information Center and hope this will clear up any misunderstanding.  Although I have replied to the letters sent to me after this incorrect title was printed, I must ask future College of Cat Genetics correspondents to await a reply to their questions in forthcoming seminars in Cat World.