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College of Cat Genetics: Student Seminar 3
by Patricia Turner

Milk-Chocolate Pointed Siamese
This leads me to my next point. The older breeders of chocolate cats maintained that the colour should approximate milk chocolate but, for the last decade at least, the milkiness has been sadly elusive.  In fact, many breeders (including myself) feel that the colour that we know as chocolate brown in cats is, in reality, the colour gene cordovan of mouse genetics.

As far as can be ascertained, the Red Abyssinians did not obtain their colour from the Siamese yet they are indisputably brown in genotype with the redness produced by the joint actions of genes for tabby pattern, agouti and brown.  Test matings between Chocolate Siamese and Red Abyssinians have produced brown agoutis that are markedly less red in appearance than the red Aby parent.  These differences are partly accounted for by the lessening of the wide agouti band and thus the lessening of the red area in each agouti hair.  But they may also be accounted for by the probable fact that while the Chocolate Siamese do NOT have the true chocolate gene, the red Abyssinians do.  An interesting fact relative to this opinion is that descendants of cats produced by crosses of Siamese to Red Abyssinians have emerged as true PALE milk chocolate point Siamese.

I am lucky enough to own one of these milk chocolate points and hope to breed more like her in the near future.  The milk chocolate colour is aslo seen in non-Siamese cats from similar pedigree.  If any reader is interested in helping with the development of these beautiful pale milk chocolate Siamese, he/she is invited to contact me.  With the permission of the show management, I hope to exhibit my kitten at the Siamese Cat Society of the British Empire show.