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College of Cat Genetics: Student Seminar 3
by Patricia Turner

Mock Albino
Another interesting effect produced by combination of colour genes is the mock albino sometimes produced when genes for Siamese, sex-linked orange and inhibitor are combined.  This mock albino is white with blue eyes and perhaps a slight yellowy tinge to the coat and tail.  Those produced have been neutered but there is no doubt that if they were bred like-to-like they would produce some normally pointed kittens.  The combination of Siamese and inhibitor in other colours produces Siamese with smoked points:  it is the addition of sex-linked orange that produces the albino effect.  However such cats are not common and the effect is variable with by far the greatest number having white bodies and orange tails.  So far, none of them have reached maturity and attempts are being made to place them in homes as neutered pets where the colour development can be observed over the years.  It may be that the mock albino will eventually develop coloured points.