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Research Notes:  Articles reformatted and illustrated in different ways for easier reading and for better knowledge presentation.  Each contains its own research notes and copyright information.  This series addresses Technical Information, series presentation, educational building blocks and raises the issue of what happens when one of those blocks is missing.  Now here we have a table of contents spanning issues, not the same as the toc for an entry point to an individual publication.  Unlike the TOC, probably don't need the hierarchical type of TOC.

College of Cat Genetics
Patricia Turner

The following is a series of articles by Patricia Turner.  They have been reformatted and illustrated for easier online reading.  They have also been enhanced with links to additional information on other sites.  I don't have the original Cat World and therefore don't have Study Unit 1 -- if you have a copy and would share it with me, I would appreciate it so I can look at the progression of knowledge from start to finish.  Right now this serves as a way of understanding what happens if the chain of knowledge is broken. If you think there should be a link from one or more articles to another website, please let me know by posting to the discussion list in CatWorldCanada on Yahoo or sending a note to: TaliskerCats