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    Blue Gene is named for the IBM computer that won a chess tournament against a Grand Master. Nicknamed Einstein, he went to his first show as an adult. A big three day TICA show with all the top cats present and competing. Einstein settled right in finalling in his very first ring--and continuing his winning ways right through the weekend. Result? 3rd Best of the Best Alter! He certainly was attention-getting though--he kept calling to the judges and spectators 'Out, Out'! He wanted his moment to shine and felt he should take precedence over all the other cats in the ring. He went to 7 shows and was the 5th Best Alter in the Great Lakes region.

    Einstein had a nice pale blue color and an incredibly dense coat. You could draw patterns in it and have them stay. His eye color was a nice deep grass green color.

     Einstein loved to show off and would stand posed on the judging table. While he loved toys back at the cage and at home, he saw the show ring as a place to be admired and totally ignored toys for the most part. Although he did keep a close eye out for any food that he might be able to try! 


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