Cats and Kittens!


Russian Blues
We hope you enjoy reading these snapshots in time as much as we have enjoyed them and that you keep coming back for more! If you can fill in the missing issues, we'd love to include them here as well. Thanks to Sarah Hartwell for the issues she has scanned and shared.


bullet Cats and Kittens!   (July 1937)
bullet Cats and Kittens!   (October 1937) missing page 257-258
bullet Cats and Kittens   (January 1938)

bullet Cats and Kittens   (February 1945  Courtesy Sarah Hartwell)   NEW - 2019-12-04

bullet Cats and Kittens   (Issues from the 1950s) NEW - 2019-12-04



The Honorable Mrs. Alice McLaren Morrison

Her husband, David McLaren Morrison, was a diplomat and Alice traveled the world with him. On her travels she actively looked for cats and dogs to add to her collection. Her cattery at Kepwick Park was one of the largest in Northern England and included Siamese and what we would call Japanese Bobtails today. 

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