Kyina Fairytale - Russian Blue Cat


    Fairytale is Saphira's last kitten. As a baby her nickname was FT, short for Fat Tail. Her tail was one way we could tell her apart from the other kittens and she always held it straight up in the air. We wanted a name for her that was elegant but true to her nickname and so she became Fairytale.

    Fairytale always wants to be involved in everything we do ... and she knows that if a door is closed there must be something good behind it to explore! She has honed her skills so she is quick and quiet and through the door before you know it ... in fact you may not know it until she is ready to leave. She loves toys and playing all kinds of games especially with sparkle toys.

    She has a light, thick coat and deep lime green eye color along with large ears. Fairytale also has a very straight profile that she passes on to her offspring along with her elegant boning and well placed ears.

Kyina Fairytale - Russian Blue Cat

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