Mary Lou is Luna's daughter. From the moment she opened her eyes as a baby, she was trying to take the whole world in and stole our hearts. As the song says, we "knew we'd never part" and so there was no doubt her name had to be Hello Mary Lou Goodbye Heart.

    She is full of mischief and fun although we are pleased she has finally stopped trying to decorate the house with paper towels! Mary Lou is an intrepid hunter -- whether it is a fly in the house or a leaf dancing outside the window or even snowflakes drifting past on the wind, Mary Lou will be trying to catch it! Fortunately she loves sparkly toys as much or more so can be distracted from her hunting pursuits for a game with other toys.

    She has her mother's light, thick coat and deep lime green eye color along with large ears. Still young, she has lots of growing left to do as her elegant legs continue to lengthen and her profile continues to straighten. We're looking forward to seeing her kittens sired by Crossbow sometime in 2017.

Talisker Hello Mary Lou Goodbye Heart