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bullet Black & White Budget (1901 January 26 - Courtesy Sarah Hartwell)
                                                                                     NEW - 2019-11-09

bullet Cat, The - Ditchfield Pamphlet                 (Courtesy Sarah Hartwell)
                                                                                     NEW - 2019-11-24
bullet Cat Courier, The    (December 1924 courtesy Lesley Morgan Blythe)
bullet Cat Gossip             (All issues from 1926 through 1929)
bullet Cat Journal Illustrated, The   (June 1907)
bullet Cat Lovers Journal, The                            (Courtesy Sarah Hartwell)
                                                                                     NEW - 2019-11-24
bullet Cat Review, The                                                         NEW - 2019-12-04
bullet Cat World                                                                    NEW - 2019-11-24
bullet Cats and Kittens!                                              UPDATED - 2019-12-04
bullet Cats Magazine                                                           NEW - 2019-12-04
bullet Cats Protection League, The   (Courtesy Sarah Hartwell)    NEW - 2019-12-04
bullet CFA Yearbook Articles
bullet English Illustrated Magazine                      (Courtesy Sarah Hartwell)                                                                                        NEW - 2019-11-24
bullet Fur & Feather                                      (Courtesy Sarah Hartwell)  NEW - 2019-12-04
bullet Harmsworth Magazine Article - Some Costly Pets  
(Courtesy Sarah Hartwell)  NEW - 2019-11-24
 bullet Living London - Frances Simpson article - Cats & Dogs                                           (Courtesy Sarah Hartwell)  NEW - 2019-11-24
bullet Our Cats    (All issues from 1949 to mid-1966)
bullet Overland Monthly Vol 36 (Courtesy Sarah Hartwell) NEW - 2019-11-24
bullet Overland Monthly Vol 49 (Courtesy Sarah Hartwell) NEW - 2019-11-24
bullet Western Cat Fancier, The    (April 1915)
bullet Western Cat Fancier, The    (November 1915)
bullet The Book of the Cat   



Bellevue House,

One of "Fur and Feather's" earliest contributors of Catty news and one of the most prominent breeders of exhibition Cats of the present day.

 Russian Blue breeders Greater Toronto Area GTA, Ontario, Canada