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Our cats enjoy all the attention they can commandeer from us--whether they are sleeping on our laps while we watch television in the evening, lying on Amanda's arms as she works in her home office, or chasing a laser light toy for fun-- they are first and foremost our companions.  Plus they contribute to the conservation of the Russian Blue breed worldwide with the kittens that also provide us with endless delight.  As responsible breeders we limit the number of litters we have each year and carefully screen prospective new owners.  We breed to the highest standards and when we purchase a new kitten to contribute to our breeding program, we look for three things: Health, Temperament and Excellence.  We maintain a database of Russian Blues around the world and use it to track traits to help us when we need to make a new addition.  

Our cattery name is Kyina in CFA and CCA and Talisker in TICA.  When we started breeding cats in 1970 we had Himalayans soon followed by Burmese.  There is a place in the Himalayan mountains called Myit Kyina and we chose Kyina as our cattery name since it reflected the geographic origins of the cats we had at the time.  25 years later we started showing in The International Cat Association (TICA) and chose a new cattery name: Talisker.  Talisker was created from the letters forming 'tail' and 'whisker' however it is also the name of our favorite single malt Scotch and reflects Bailey's Scottish heritage.


bullet Kyina Hello Mary Lou Goodbye Heart
Kyina River Song
bullet Samovar Bluechips of Kyina
bullet Velva's Crossbow of Kyina
bullet Wynterwynd Mistral of Kyina


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