Kyina Saphira



    Saphira is a young queen that we bred. She is named for the blue dragon in Christopher Paolini's Inheritance Cycle.  She has a lovely blue coat dusted with sparkling silver with rich green eyes that glow like emeralds.

    A very feminine girl, Saphira gazes longingly at Amanda's make-up and isn't above stealing the odd eyeliner--but her favorite pasttime is helping in the kitchen and supervising all cooking. (Of course, she expects to be give the odd tidbit to sample!)  

    She loves her kittens and people. Her favorite spot is curled up on out laps while we watch TV preferably with her daughter Icefyre curled up with us. At night, her sleepi spot is on the pillow where she can keep an eye on us all night and be there for that first morning hug.

    Saphira is now enjoying a quiet life as a spay.


Kyina/Talisker Saphira

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