Crossbow is our new stud male. He comes from our friend Diana Doernberg of Velva cattery. We chose Crossbow as his name for three reasons: the first kitten Amanda & Bailey bred in the early 1990s was named Kyina Crossfire and is behind our new boy; he has the same sweet temperament that our beloved Strongbow had; and because Diana, the Goddess of Hunting, the Moon, and the protectress of animals always had a bow in her hand.

    He has the sweetest temperament and a very elegant appearance.  We're excited to see what Crossbow's kittens will look like as they tie many famous lines together including a cat Amanda and her mother bred back in the 1980s. He has a soft, thick, light-colored coat that sparkles in the sunlight and lovely big but balanced ears. But more importantly, he has the genetic diversity that will continue to maintain the health of the line.

Velva's Crossbow of TaliskerPhoto Kyina Images

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