About Us


Together, Talisker Cats and Kyina cattery have had a tradition of excellence since 1970. Today, breeding happy, healthy, loving Russian Blues exclusively. Russian Blues have shimmering silver-tipped coats, an angelic smile and large emerald green eyes that enchant everyone who meets them.  Their stunning good looks combine with intelligence and a playful nature to steal your heart!
Amanda has always loved books and has combined these two passions into an extensive cat library that includes many antique cat books and magazines.  She is slowly making them available online and also enjoys participating in the Gutenburg Project.  Over the years, Amanda has worked with many different breeds and her extensive knowledge contributes to her expertise as a judge for The International Cat Association (TICA).  Amanda also tracks Russian Blues worldwide in a database with more than 13,000 entries that enables her to connect today's cats to those from the late 1800s that founded the Russian Blue breed.

Bailey's other passion is motorsports and the cats are often found watching the F1 races--or any other form of racing.  Bailey also enjoys seeking out antiques related to cats and brewerania in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Together Amanda and Bailey also take great delight in their garden which is their summer oasis.  From plants to water features, the garden is slowly evolving and the backyard BBQ provides gourmet meals to enjoy throughout the warm summer days in Ontario.