Common Names:  Aconite, Friar's Cap, Garden Wolfbane, Helmet Flower, Monk's Hood, Soldier's Cap, Thor's Hat, Wolfbane
Latin Name: Aconitum spp.
Description: An outdoor ornamental herb that is a member  of the buttercup family.  Tall erect spikes of dark blue, violet, white or amethyst-blue helmet-shaped flowers above clumps of divided dark green leaves. Occasionally yellow flowers.  Fibrous or tuberous roots, mostly erect stems, and palmately divided or cleft leaves.  They are 2 to 4 ft. tall on weak stalks. The bilaterally symmetrical flower has five outer petals with the uppermost shaped like a large, downward opening hood. This hood is what differentiates the plant from Larkspur.  It contains poisonous alkaloids and is toxic to both humans.
Poisonous Parts:  All parts.  Alkaloid toxins affect the cardiovascular system..
Symptoms: When eaten in small to moderate amounts, roots produce symptoms of restlessness, salivation, vomiting, weakened or irregular heartbeat.
Treatment: Contact your veterinarian.