Common Names:  Alfalfa, Lucerne
Latin Name: Medicago sativa
Description: First described as early as 490BC, alfalfa originates from the area around Iran.  It is valued as livestock feed and was introduced into the eastern US around 1736.  Alfalfa is a herbaceous perennial legume and when it is mature, an alfalfa plant may have from 5 to 25 stems, which usually reach a height of 15-25 inches (38-63 cm). Stems are branched and slender and bear pinnately trifoliolate leaves which alternate along the stem.  Often has more than three leaflets. Stipules are slender and fused to the petiole. Leaflets are linear, oblong, or obovate oblong.
Symptoms: No information available at this time.
Treatment: Contact your veterinarian.