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Russian Blues: The Smiling Aristocrats from Arkhangelsk    (TICA Trend)
What It Means to be a Breeder    (TICA Trend)
The Cape Breton Bobtail     (TICA Trend)
Changing History: Exploring the Origins of the Modern Cat Fancy   (British Newspaper Archive Blog) NEW 02/11/13






The seminars are large files and several have voiceovers so download them to your system. Those with voiceovers are best viewed in screen show mode. View the ones without voiceovers in screenshow mode so that you can read the note pane underneath the picture. If you need a powerpoint viewer, we recommend IBM Lotus Symphony or OpenOffice both of which are full office products available for no charge.


Cornish Rex     (No voiceover or animation -- read Notes) 
Russian Blues
Historical Development of the Russian Blue
Creating A Breed Seminar


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