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Russian Blues: The Smiling Aristocrats from Arkhangelsk    (TICA Trend)
What It Means to be a Breeder    (TICA Trend)
The Cape Breton Bobtail     (TICA Trend)
Changing History: Exploring the Origins of the Modern Cat Fancy   (British Newspaper Archive Blog)






The seminars are large files and several have voice-overs so download them to your system. Those with voice-overs are best viewed in screen show mode. View the ones without voice-overs in screen-show mode so that you can read the note pane underneath the picture. If you need a powerpoint viewer, we recommend OpenOffice which is a free full office product.


Cornish Rex     (No voiceover or animation -- read Notes) 
Russian Blues
Historical Development of the Russian Blue
Creating A Breed Seminar


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