Known as:  (Copper) Beech
Latin Name:  Fagus sylvatixa f. purpurea
Description:  The beech tree is a gigantic shade tree, produces tiny nuts, and is a frequently planted ornamental because of its large scale beauty. The large trunk has silvery, smooth bark. The bluntish leaves are shaped approximately like an egg in outline and have serrated edges. Produces nuts in a spikey shell.  Copper beeches have purply leaves, regular beeches have a medium green leaf.  There are many varieties of beech including the European, American and Copper Beech trees.  The beech tree also has distinctive buds which are long, narrow and rich chestnut-brown with overlapping scales.
Poisonous Parts:  Seeds.
Symptoms: Gastrointestinal upset.  Toxins involved are saponins.
Treatment: Contact your veterinarian.