Known as:  Belladonna, Deadly Nightshade
Latin Name:  Atropa belladonna
Description: Large simple leaves and bell-shaped flowers. The flower tube is five-pointed, dull purple or red-purple, and surrounded by five green sepals. The fruit is a single green berry that becomes purple to black with maturity.  All parts of the true belladonna are poisonous and narcotic. The leaves and root contain alkaloids one, atropine, is used to dilate the pupils of the eyes to facilitate eye examinations and as an antispasmodic in the treatment of asthma. In earlier times in Italy, extracts of belladonna were used by women for the cosmetic value of this dilating effect.
Poisonous Parts:  All parts.  Toxins involved are the alkaloids jasciamine, atropine, and belladonnin.
Symptoms: Affects the nervous system.
Treatment: Contact your veterinarian immediately.