Known As:  Black Locust, Marilandica, Wild Senna
Latin Name: Robinia pseudo-acacia
Description: Moderate sized tree with rough bark resembling a locust tree. The pea-like lipped flowers are white or golden yellow and black, and are clustered along the stem, amongst the upper leaf branches. They are like sweetpeas and hang in long drooping clusters.  The seed pods are flat brown pods like thin string beans and contain kidney-shaped beans. Alternating pinnately compound leaves often have two short spines at the base of each leafstalk and are composed of oval leaflets.
Poisonous Parts:  Leaves, especially wilted leaves, young shoots, pods, seeds, inner bark.  Toxic components include the toxic protein robin, the glycoside robitin, and the alkaloid robinine.
Symptoms: Depression, poor appetite, weakness, paralysis.  May produce vomiting, abdominal pain, and in some cases bloody diarrhea. Abnormalities in heart rate and rhythm.  Sometimes death.
Treatment: Unless your cat is unconscious or having convulsions, induce vomiting and follow procedures to delay absorption and speed elimination.  Get prompt veterinary assistance.