RW Friday's Blue Blazes of Talisker




    Blazer was the first male we purchased for our breeding program and he came from our friend Penny Van Pelt.  He sired many award winners for us.  His eye colour was a bright grass green and he had a pale coat with a good ear set.  His kittens were light coated with great ear sets and wonderful elegant bodies.

    TICA Best Russian Blue Kitten 1996-1997
    TICA Great Lakes Best Kitten 1996 -1997
    TICA Great Lakes Best Russian Blue Kitten 1996 - 1997

    Award Winning Offspring
    SGC, SGA RW Talisker Desperado
    GP Kyina Diamond Mine
    SGA RW Talisker Rave On
    RW Talisker Renegade
    SGA RW Talisker Sapphire On Ice
    GC Kyina Silver Arrow
    SGA RW Talisker Silverstone/GRC Kyina Silverstone

Photo Chanan
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