Known as:  Bleeding Heart, Dutchman's Breeches, Squirrel Corn, Turkey Corn, Staggerweed, Steershead
Latin Name: Dicentra Fumarciaceae family
Description: 1-10 white, yellow or pink heart-shaped flowers along an arching stem.  Several stems to the plant. Light to medium green or blue-green ferny leaves. About 19 species of perennial herbs which are often cultivated for their fernlike foliage and interestingly shaped flowers.
Poisonous Parts:  Leaves, stems, roots.  Alkaloid poisons of the poppy type are present in all parts of Dicentra species.  The plant contains isoquinoline alkaloids, such as apomorphine, protoberberine, and protopine.
Symptoms: Salivating, breathing difficulty, abdominal pain, collapse, convulsions, neurologic signs (running with head held up, convulsions).  Corydalis causes similar signs.
Treatment: Contact your veterinarian.