Known As:  (Ohio) Buckeye, Conquerors, Conkers, Horse Chestnut, Fish Poison
Latin Name:  Aesculus hippocastanum
Description:   In the spring this tree has large candlelike flowers that have 4 white, cream, yellow or red petals.  Sitting on a rosette of 5 to 7 large leaves.  During the sumer the fruit is encased in a round spiky green case which falls to the ground in the fall and breaks open to reveal large shiny brown seeds with a round non-shiny end. In the winter, the tree has large winter buds covered with sticky scales.
Poisonous Parts:  Buds, nuts, leaves, bark, seedlings, and honey.  Toxins involved are saponins.
Symptoms: May produce vomiting, abdominal pain, and in some cases diarrhea.  Neurologic signs can include staggering, trembling, breathing difficulty, dilated pupils, collapse and paralysis, which can proceed to coma and death.
Treatment: Contact your veterinarian.