Known as:  Chinese Evergreen
Latin Name:  Agloanema comutatum
Description: Large, net-veined, simple leaves, which may have white or colored spots, are on leaf stalks that sheathe the stem.  Flower is fleshy green, white or yellow spike (spadix) inside a wraparound hood or bract (spath).  Fruit is tight clusters of  brightly colored berries.
Poisonous Parts: Roots, leaves, stems.  Moderate toxicity.  Pets rarely ingest sufficient quantities to cause serious problems or death. Needle-like crystals of insoluble calcium oxalate which penetrates the skin and mouth causing discomfort.  Plants also contain proteolytic enzymes which release histamine and kinins that cause swelling and an itching or burning sensation.
Symptoms: Mouth and throat irritation, salivating, possible stomach irritation, diarrhea (rarely).
Treatment: Contact your veterinarian.