Known As:  Daphne, Dwarf Bay, February Daphne, Flowering Spurge, Lady Laurel, Paradise Plant, Spurge Olive, Spurge Laurel, Wood Laurel.
Latin Name: Daphne mezereum
Description: Deciduous or evergreen shrub with alternating lance-shaped leaves.  Clusters of fragrant flowers ranging in color from lilac to rose/purple and white with 2 or 3 blossoms per clester.  Small red or yellow berries.
Poisonous parts:  All parts. Contains the toxins Diterpenoid (mezerein) and  Daphnin, a bitter, poisonous glycoside..  Highly toxic.
Symptoms: If eaten, swelling around the mouth, thirst, vomiting, internal bleeding with bloody diarrhea, coma.  Skin irritation upon contact with leaves.
Treatment: Contact your veterinarian.