Known As:  Corn Plant, Dragon Tree, Dracaena
Latin Name: Dracaeana deremensis, D. draco (dragon tree), D. fragrans (fragrant dracaena), D. godseffiana (gold-dust dracaena), D. marginata (red-margined dracaena), D. sanderiana (Sander's dracaena).
Description: Foliage plant with great diversity in the markings of the foliage in the different varieties.  Resembles a corn plant and is grown as a house plant for its foliage.  Height ranges from 2-5 feet and has strap-like green leaves that range from 18-24 inches in length and are about 2 inches wide.  Leaves can be plain shiny green or can be striped with gold, cream or red.  Member of the lily family.
Poisonous Parts:
Symptoms: No information available at this time.
Treatment: Contact your veterinarian.