Genetics 101

Part of being a good breeder is understanding the genetics involved with producing our wonderful cats.  I would like to share the information I have gained over the years with other breeders, old and new, so that they can benefit from all the knowledge that exists.  Genetics 101 is a section that will continue to grow as I document what I know and understand about this area so check back here periodically if you are interested in expanding your knowledge in this area.

  1. General Genetics
  2. The Gene School
  3. Genetic Science Learning Center
  4. A Genetic Primer for Breeders
  5. Mammalian Melanism: Natural Selection in Black and White
  6. How The Leopard Gets Its Spots
  7. Links to a series of genetics articles
  8. The Coat Colors of Mice
  9. Brother Gregory Investigates fun site on Mendelian Genetics
  10. A Science Primer
  11. Feline Genetics
  12. College of Cat Genetics 
  13. Main Genes of the Cat
  14. Simple Genetics for Cat Judges and Breeders
  15. Coat Color and Pattern Genetics of the Domestic Cat
  16. Feline Genetics
  17. Cat World Australia Genetics Links
  18. Molecular Genetics and Evolution of Melanism in the Cat Family
    Applied Genetics, a Genetic Discussion, as it Related to the Burmilla
    Hereditary Deafness in Dogs and Cats: Causes, Prevalence and Current Research
    Free Phenotype Predictor and Feline Genetics Primer
    Genetic Identification of Wild and Domestic Cats
    Population Genetics of Cat Populations from Mexico, Columbia, Bolivia, and the Dominican Republic: Identification of Different Gene Pools in Latin America
    Cat Genetic Profiles in Catalonia, Spain
    Genetic Diversity and Introgression in the Scottish Wildcat
  19. Genetics Course Notes
  20. Genetics Lectures
  21. Genetics for a New Generation
  22. Biological Sciences 110 Lecture Notes
  23. Genetic Engineering Course
  24. Biology Online Tutorials
  25. Introduction to Population Genetics I
  26. Introduction to Population Genetics II
  27. Advanced Topics
  28. The Evolution of Populations
  29. Population Genetics by Knud Christensen
  30. Population Genetic Perspectives on the Evolution of Recombination
  31. The Heritability of Malocclusion Part 1: Genetics, Principles and Terminology
  32. Uncovering Cryptic Genetic Variation
    A Global View of Epistasis
    The Biology of Small Populations: Genetics interesting comments on kinks and cowlicks
    Genomic Microsatellites as Evolutionary Chronometers: A Test in Wild Cats
    The Relationship Between Maximum Jumping Performance and Hind Limb Morphology in Domestic Cats
    Chi Square Tutorial includes calculator
    Molecular Genetics Primer
    Genes and Diseases
    Bayesian Analysis of Population-Genetic Mixture and Admixture based on genetic data from Scottish Wild Cat
  33. Large Cats
  34. Genetic Variation in Leopard
    Genomic Ancestry of the American Puma
    Namibian Cheetah: Life History and Population Modeling
    Phylogeography and Genetic Ancestry of Tigers
    Epidemiology, Genetic Diversity, & Evolution of Endemic FIV in Wild Cougars
    Phylogeography, Population History and Conservation Genetics of Jaguars
  35. Other
  36. Selecting New Breeding Stock
    Feral Cats in Portsmouth Dockyards -- several papers related to behavior

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