Kyina Dr Who

LA, IW(x2) SGA Talisker Dr Who



    Dr Who is the younger brother of RW SGC Talisker Ryder. While Ryder was being shown in the Alter class, Dr Who came along as company and competed in the Championship class. He often pretended he had never been to a cat show before because then judges spent extra time with him and gave him hugs to reassure him. He placed consistently in the Top 10 and ended the year as the 25th Best Cat in the world so won his first IW title.

    For the 2014-2015 show season, he came along with Talisker A Touch O Frost. While Frost was blazing across the show ciruit, Dr Who was quietly placing well in all the shows. He remained in the Top 25 Alters in the world all year so we kept showing him till the end of the show season. He finished the year as Best Alter in the Northeast region and 25 Best Alter in the world, achieving his 2nd international title in the world.

    The 2015-2016 show season saw us showing this amazing cat again to try and achieve TICA's highest award: Lifetime Achievement! Cats that achieve this award have to have taken at least one International title and then can take 2 Regional titles. Dr Who will be in the Top 25 Alters shown in the Northeast Region this year and will get his Lifetime Achievement award.

     Dr Who's parents are GC (CFA) and RW SGC (TICA) Samovar Bluechips of Kyina and Kyina Quicksilver. Quicksilver has now retired from our breeding program and Dr Who is the last of her amazing offspring.
Kyina Dr Who

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