Kyina A Touch O Frost

IW QGC Talisker A Touch O Frost



    Frost was special right from the start -- outgoing and inquisitive with that undefinable star quality. There was no doubt that he was going into our show program but we weren't to know just what a blazing star he would turn out to be.

    Amanda took Frost to his first show in Medina, Ohio where he took one look at showing and started to purr -- he was in heaven with all the attention and garnered lots of rosettes. He went to only 4 more shows as a kitten taking 2 Best Kitten in Show positions and 5th Best Kitten in Show at the prestigious TICA Annual Awards show in Boston. For several months he lead the kitten standings as Highest Scoring Kitten Internationally. He finally ceded that postion and finished the show season as Best Kitten in the Northeast Region and 3rd Best Kitten in the world for the 2014-2015 show season. He also earned his TICA QGC title and a Regional Win in the Northeast.

    Frost's parents are GC (CFA) and RW SGC (TICA) Samovar Bluechips of Kyina and Wynterwynd Mistral of Kyina. His baby sister, Kyina Shirahoshi of Neko-Tarou, lives in Beijing and continues his winning tradition with the completion of her GC (CFA) title!
Kyina A Touch O Frost

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