Known As:  Mayapple, American Mayapple, American Mandrake
Latin Name:  Podophyllum peltatum
Description: One or two large palmatey lobed leaves spread umbrella-like about 24 inches above the ground.  One-leaf Mayapple plants generally do not flower; two-leaf Mayapple plants have flowers that appear in the junction between the leaves.  Flower is greenish-white with 6-9 petals.  Fruit is an ovoid, yellow-blotched "apple".
Poisonous Parts: Whole plant, especially roots.  Causes abnormalities in dividing plant and animal cells.
Symptoms: Produces varied toxic effects of the nervous system.  May also cause hematological abnormalities.  Powdered root can cause conjunctivitis and keratitis.
Treatment: Contact your veterinarian.