Known as: Bog Laurel, Kalmia, Mountain Laurel, Pale Laurel
Latin Name: Kalmia polifolia (Ericaceae)
Description: Evergreen shrub with pentagon-shaped flowers with 5 petals, 10 stamens and a pistil.  Flowers are waxy white or pink.  Sheep Laurel or Lambkill is a smaller shrub with cromson or pale crimson flowers with pink stamens. Pale Laurel is somewhat straggly looking with rose-purple flowers.  Globular fruit is a capsule containing many seeds.  Grows to about 3-6 feet tall in the North and up to 35 feet in the south.
Poisonous Parts: Leaves, which contain a poisonous crystalline substance.  Toxins involved are andromedotoxin and arbutin.
Symptoms: Gastrointestinal distress, cardiovascular and nervous system irregularities.
Treatment: Contact your veterinarian.