Have Paws -- Will Travel:  Ensuring Your Cat is a Welcome Guest!

One question that I am frequently asked is about traveling with a cat.  First, decide if it is really wise for your cat to travel with you or whether staying at home might be a better option.  If you do decide to take your cat with you, follow these tips to make sure your cat will be a welcome guest.

First, let's determine whether you really should take your cat with you.  Cats like their homes and their routines so if you are only going to be gone for a short while it might be better to have someone come in once or twice a day to provide fresh food and water or change the litter pan.  Your cat will remain in a familiar environment and will not run the risk of exposure to other animals in a boarding establishment.  An added bonus is that the cat sitter can bring the mail in and generally  make sure your home is safe -- many cat sitters also water your plants for you.

Now, if you've decided that you are going to take your cat with you, let's talk about travel safety.  Many cats travel safely by land and air every day and their owners know how to keep them safe and comfortable.  Basically, your pet should have its own set of luggage as part of a trip.  

Following these tips will help you have a safe journey with your pet.  Some cats enjoy traveling, others hate it.  Traveling show cats enjoy the attention and love to explore new environments -- and snuggling in the bed to sleep.  If your cat likes to travel, follow these tips to keep it safe on your journeys.  If your pet doesn't like to travel, leave it at home with a pet sitter coming by to attend to its needs and the safety of your house.
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