Every Morning/Before You Leave:  Ensuring People Invite You Back!

You love cats, I love cats -- but not everyone does and that may include the maid who takes care of your room.  In any case, it is general politeness to make sure your cat hasn't made a mess.  So, put any dirty litter into one of your garbage bags and remove it to a garbage dumpster.  Next, sweep up any loose litter or food in the bathroom (or anywhere else it may have been tracked).  Now take your disinfectant bottle and lightly mist the floor.  Dampen your dishcloth and wash the bathroom floor to make sure there is no mess left.

If you are staying where you are, you need to have your room cleaned before you leave.  Contact the front desk and ask to have someone make up your room now.  Put your cat in the carrier to make sure it doesn't get loose while the room is being cleaned.  Pack your cat's litter box and food dishes out of the way -- perhaps on top of the shelf in the cupboard so that the maid can easily clean the room.  Sit beside your cat while the room is being cleaned and speak to it reassuringly so that it doesn't get scared by the vaccuum etc.

Once your room has been cleaned, contact the front desk again and tell them that you don't want anyone to enter the room without you there.  Put bed, litter, food, spring water, toys, and scratching post into the bathroom.  Shut your cat in the bathroom again so it will be safe in case anyone does enter the room.  Leave the room putting the Do Not Disturb sign on the door.

If your are moving on, pack everything up.  Put your cat in the carrier and then you are ready to vacate your room.