Here are some links to other useful and interesting sites related to plants and information about them.  They are  divided into three general categories to make it easier to locate information related to specific topics. Gardening Sites has general information about gardening and links to nurseries.  Some sites include tools to help you design landscapes and keep notebooks for yourself.  Plant Information and Botanical Sites provide general information about flora and their native habitats.  Poisonous Plant Databases links to additional information about poisonous plants in general and some include firstaid information and symptoms seen in people and other animals.

Gardening Sites
Gardening information that lets you shop for plants, view pictures of products and has an online garden design tool.

Plant Information and Botanical Sites
Berkeley Digital Library Project developing technologies for intelligent access to massive, distributed collections of photographs, satellite images, maps, full text documents, and "multivalent" documents.
Brousseau California Flora Pictures has over 11,000 pictures of California wild flowers and other plants.
CalFlora provides geographic and ecological distribution of California plants including pictures and maps.
Flowering Plants and Ferns of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly
Raintree Tropical Plant Database provides information about medicinal plants and their usage.
Santa Monica Botanic Garden features 1,000+ rare and indigenous California plants.  Has classes and a garden shop.

Poisonous Plant Databases
Poisonous Plants of North Carolina provides information and some pictures for easier identification.
Florida's Poisonous Plants includes pictures and a poison control phone number.