Known As:  Amapolo Amarillo, Devil's Ivy, Golden Ceylon Creeper, Golden Hunter's Robe, Golden Pothos, Hunter's Robe, Ivy Arum, Malanga Trepadora, Marble Queen, Pothos, Satin Pothos, Silver Pothos, Taro Vine
Latin Name: Epipremnum pinnatum, Epipremnum aureum
Description: Climbing vine with green stems and large, green, heart-shaped, net-veined  leaves blotched with white, gold or cream.  Any flower produced is a fleshy green/white/yellow spadix (or spike) enclosed in a wraparound hood.  Fruit are brightly colored berries in tight clusters.
Poisonous Parts: Roots, leaves, stems. Moderate toxicity since pets rarely ingest enough to cause serious problems or death.  Plant contains needle-like crystals of insoluble calcium oxalate that penetrates the skin and mouth causing discomfort.  Plant also contains proteolytic enzymes that release histamine and kinins which causing swelling and itching or burning.
Symptoms: Mouth and throat irritation, salivating, possibly stomach irritation, diarrhea (rarely). Cat will shake its head and paw or rub at its face or mouth.  Your cat may also salivate and foam at the mouth and/or have visible facial swelling.  Severe reactions will have oral swelling that prevents swallowing and impairs breathing.  Occasional reports of kidney failure have not been well verified.
Treatment: Contact a veterinarian immediately if your cat does not improve within a few minutes or if swallowing or breathing is impaired.