SGA RW Talisker Rave On





    Raver was a delight to show.  His show career started as a 4 month old kitten and we flew to the first several shows.  Finally we drove to a local show and Raver starting crying to us when we went past the turn for the airport.  He loved the shows but far preferred to fly and was a seasoned traveller.  The only time he got upset when flying was when the plane rolled in a windstorm as we were in our landing approach at La Guardia.  One loud meow from him while the rest of the seasoned human passengers went white!  However we had a great pilot and all worked out fine.

    Rave On was a homonym for Stevie Ray Vaughan and was a fitting name as Raver certainly liked to party on! Raver was a complete ham in the ring and thought that every judge was there to play with him.  He wanted every toy there was and ran in undignified circles round and round on the judging table.  He had a fantastic hard body and great elegance.  His head set the standard for 7 planes and his emerald eyes glowed in the setting.


    TICA 2nd Best Russian Blue Alter 1998-1999
    TICA Great Lakes 5th Best Alter 1998-1999
    TICA Great Lakes Best Russian Blue Alter 1998-1999
    TICA  Best Russian Blue Kitten 1997-1998
    TICA 3rd Best Russian Blue Cat 1997-1998
    TICA Great Lakes 6th Best Cat 1997-1998

Photo Chanan
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