Breed Projects

Many Russian Blue breeders throughout the world are fascinated with the history of this breed.  Individually many of us began projects to collect pedigree information to document this history and most of those projects had a desire to document the history across associations and around the world.  The Internet has facilitated this activity and we are starting to connect many cats together.  Today, the individual projects continue but our ability to access global information has increased and is facilitated by exchange lists such as shlinechasers and the Russian Blue Breeders discussion list.  My own pedigree collection has grown to include many of the famous cats discussed in this article thanks to the many friends I have met only on the web.

Today, the Russian Blue Breeder's discussion list has created a Yahoo! Russian Blue Breeders club to capture pictures of our breed for future breeders to use to complement their pedigree databases.  We are setting up a photo album for each category and saving pictures there.  Some pedigree programs (such as The Cattery Standard) allow you to keep a picture with an individual cat.  Some pedigree programs do not.  The advantage to the Yahoo! club is that the pictures are available to all members of the club (and breeder's list) and you can have mutliple pictures of an individual cat providing a much better idea of what the cat actually looked like.