Known As:  Rhubarb
Latin Name:  Rheum rhabarbarum, Rheum officinale
Description: Red stems, large green leaves.  Bushy, low-growing plant. The leaves are large, stalked, and entire or lobed; the flowers are small, whitish or red, and generally very numerous, in large loose panicles of many-flowered clusters.
Poisonous Parts:  Leaf blades.  Contain mixture of citric and malic acids.
Symptoms: Produces varied toxic effects. Drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, swelling around the mouth, difficulty breathing, muscular weakness, slow pulse, coma, death. Can cause convulsions and death. (Even small amounts can result in death.)
Treatment: Unless your cat is unconscious or having convulsions, induce vomiting and initiate procedures to delay absorption and speed elimination.  Get immediate veterinary assistance.