Samovar Bluechips of Kyina



    Chips came to us from my friends Gene & Marci Baturin (Samovar).  His father was a very gentle cat with a fabulous luxurious coat that you just wanted to keep running your hands through. Both Chips and his sons roll in the show ring--an endearing habit that helps judges remember them. When I mentioned this to Marci she told me his father did the same thing!

    He is a big powerful cat and we are very happy with the kittens that we have had from him. They, too, have good size and powerful, muscular bodies. And like Chips, they love to play. The coats on his kittens are wonderfully thick and have just the right combination of medium blue to silver tipping.

    His kittens have wonderful outgoing, loving temperaments that make them ideal additions to your household as well as great cats for the show ring.

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