QGA  RW Talisker Shadowfax





    Amanda and Bailey are both longtime Tolkien fans and are enchanted by the Lord of the Rings.  We felt the same enchantment when we saw this special kitten and decided to name him after one of the characters in the book--who better than Shadowfax, Gandalf's noble horse?

    An outgoing, curious kitten, Shadowfax had an escapade at his very first cat show.  Amanda was checking the rings and turned to see a friend walking up with Shadow in his arms.  Turns out Shadow had squeezed out through the bars of the showcage and decided to be a spectator as well.  He was happily strolling down the center of the aisle looking up admiring all the other beautiful cats and kittens in the showhall!

    Those same dark green emerald eyes as his big brother, Laurent, ensured he scooped up his share of finals as well.  Shadow was also the first cat we tried in cat agility--at first he thought we were crazy but when it was time to do a timed run he amazed us by shooting through the whole course with a quick time and no errors.  The long tunnels were his special favorite and his fast pace means he is still high in the overall ICAT standings!

Photo Chanan
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