Kyina Solitaire




    Solitaire was a female from our first litter of kittens--she was so beautiful she took your breath away!  As with all our foundation queens, we named her after a jewel.  In this case we chose Solitaire as the jewel but we also chose it because it was a line in a country song we liked.

    Like her mother, Zafire, Solitaire was very aristocratic and had definite likes and dislikes.  She did not like telephones or fax machines because they disturbed her naps.  She loved kittens however they were expected to behave perfectly from birth (actually we suspect before birth but can't prove it).  She would line her kittens up nose to tail and they were not allowed to make a sound or move out of formation.  Unlike some of our girls, Solitaire did not want to spend much time with her kittens once they were grown.  They were handed over to us to care for just as though they were being handed over to a nanny!

Photo Chanan
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