Known As:  Star of Bethlehem, Snowdrop, Nap-At-Noon, Wonder Flower
Latin Name:  Ornithogalum umbellatum
Description: Erect linear leaves growing in a clump from an onionlike bulb to a height of about 12 inches.  Has a cluster if white, lilylike flowers.  The leaves are about as long as the stem and have a light  green midrib. Star-shaped flowers, six white petals with green stripes on the back.
Poisobous Parts:  All parts, especially bulbs.  Moderate to low toxicity.  Contains cardiac glycosides in all parts.  Gastrointestinal tract affected by alkaloid toxins.
Symptoms: Stomach and intestinal irritation, abdominal pain, irregular heart rate, death (rarely).
Treatment: Contact a veterinarian.