Wynterwynd Mistral of Kyina



    Mistral came to us from my friend Annette Wilson (Wynterwynd).  Her mother is GC Kyina MapleLeafBlues of Wynterwynd and her father is GP Wynterwynd Lake Effect so a weather term seemed appropriate--and her son continues the trend with the name Kyina A Touch O Frost.

    Mistral is a sweet, loving girl who is always there watching what is going on but never gets into trouble doing things she shouldn't. She loves to settle down on my lap after dinner when we watch TV.

    Her kittens are very outgoing and seem to have little problem in adapting quickly to their new homes and lives. Frost also went into his first show announcing he had arrived and was there to show off to the world and his sister adapted easily to the dog in her new home.

    Frost went on to be TICA's 3rd Best Kitten Internationally -- an award we are very proud of!

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