Japanese Yew
Known As:  All varieties:  for example, American Yew, English Yew, Japanese Yew, Ornamental Yew.
Latin Name:  Taxus family
Description: Woody perennials with flat 1/2-1 inch long evergreen leaves that are a lighter green on the underside and broader than pine needles. The "berry" is small, juicy, and bright scarlet, with a hole in the end which makes it look cup-like.
Poisonous Parts:  Extremely toxic, death is likely. The toxin is taxine, a mixture of alkaloids, that slow down cardiac conduction. As little as 0.1 to 0.5% of the fresh plant per body weight is lethal. Death is due to cardiac and/or respiratory collapse.
Symptoms: May produce vomiting, drooling, abdominal pain, swelling around the mouth, difficulty breathing, and in some cases diarrhea. Sudden death is the typical sign. Occasionally: breathing problems, trembling, weakness, heart problems,
stomach upset.
Treatment: Unless your cat is unconscious or having convulsions, induce vomiting and initiate procedures to delay absorption and speed elimination.  Get immediate veterinary assistance, cardiac drug therapy may be attempted however success is extremely unlikely.