Tsar Blu's Zambuca of Kyina



    Zambuca came to us from my friend Donna Fuller in California (Tsar Blu).  Donna has a tradition that the names of all her cats begin with Z and so we came up with Sambuca but using a Z instead of an S.  On her pedigree you will see that her grandmother, Kyina's Angel Dust of Tsar Blu,  is a Kyina cat that Donna got from us.

    Zambuca, or Zammy, has had several litters now.  The average litter size for Russian Blues is 3 but last year Zammy surprised us with a litter of 7!  One of these kittens, Kyina Amarushaya, now lives in Italy.

    Zammy's kittens have wonderful outgoing, loving temperaments that make them ideal additions to your household as well as great cats for the show ring.

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