Tsar Blu's Zemerald of Kyina




    Zemerald was another special jewel in our breeding program.  Her name is Emerald with a Z in front because her breeder likes all cats' names to begin with Z.

    Zemma's legacy is her sweet temperament, elegant body and fine boning.  She also has the genes for wonderfully thick soft coats.  When people came to visit, Zemma was always inquisitive as to the contents of a purse and once that curiosity was satisfied she just demanded a lap to sleep in.

    Award Winning Offspring
    CH RW Kyina Angel's Dust of Tsar Blu, DM
    RW Talisker Cajun Angel
    SGC RW Talisker Emeril
    RW Talisker Renegade


Photo Chanan
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