Russian Blues:  The Smiling Aristocrats from Arkhangelsk
by Amanda Bright - Talisker Cats

Russian Blues first captured my heart when I was a teenager.  In those days we bred Persians, Himalayans and Burmese -- but there were so many breeds I wanted to know more about and so I often agented cats for friends and fellow club members.  One day a friend asked me to agent her new cat -- a green-eyed blue cat tipped with silver and glistening in the sun.  Little did I know when I agreed that these cats were to become such a major part of my life -- nor was I aware of their reputation in the show ring!  I fell in love with the little cat -- and she graciously allowed me to handle her.  Today I know how honored I was that she chose to accept me --  and I'd like to share with all of you just how special the Russian Blue is.

People fall in love with the elegant look of the aristocratic Russian Blue and feel lucky when a Russian Blue accepts them and becomes part of their lives.  But that's just the first reaction.  Once they get to their new homes Russian Blues quickly take over to get the household running to their satisfaction.  Their great intelligence quickly endears them to their new owners and the new family's life is changed forever.  These gentle cats like a routine and expect it to be kept -- for example, my Russian Blue alter, Talisker Desperado, doesn't like his dinner late (not even 5 minutes late) and comes to get me if I'm running a bit behind.  He taught himself to open a door to do so -- he stands on the top of the stairs reaches up, turns the handle and pulls the door toward him so he can come and get me.

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Together, the fascination with these enigmatic aristocrats and the thirst to know more about them and their origins captures the hearts and imaginations of most
Russian Blue breeders, and indeed many of their owners, to provide a lifelong hobby to stretch the mind -- but most of all, the fascination with these cats provides
mesmerizingly beautiful, faithful, intelligent companions to grace our homes and lives.  I'm so grateful for that day so long ago when the first Russian Blue I met
honored me with her presence and acceptance for now I truly know what that gesture on her part meant.